I finally got my stimulus!

Took long enough! I was probably one of the last ones to get there’s. I could’ve used it a couple weeks ago, but no, the IRS wanted to make me wait.
They wanted to make a lot of people wait. Don’t ask me why they did it that way.
There’s talk of a fourth stimulus, if that happens, they should send it out in 3 waves, instead of 4. Of course, they probably won’t do that, and I’ll probably have to wait again.

Chauvin trial started today.

Honestly I have no idea how this one’s going to turn out as of yet. Only got through first 3 witnesses. Central time is strange. The first witness was a dispatcher, who saw what was happening through street cameras while she was dispatching calls. The other 2 were bystanders at the scene.
The trial is expected to take a month. Opening statements were insightful, as we learned exactly how long the incident was, 9 minutes and 29 seconds. No, I’m not sure as of yet, if that’s how long the restraint was used, but I believe that to be the case.

After Botox.

Wow, I missed the timeline big time. OK I need to make up like 3 posts, woopsy! I’ve been doing really well after my Botox though! I haven’t had any headaches to speak of, except for tonight. My chiropractor even said if I’m not having headaches, I don’t have to run in there. This is nice, because he was having me go in every week.
I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life. In fact I heard that in church the 21st. I still have nagging Tinnitus though. Since I thought it was related to my headaches, which I guess I know now it isn’t, the Botox didn’t fix it. There are supplements I can get for tinnitus, and quite a few things are being researched, so hopefully it can be taken care of soon.

I had Botox yesterday.

It wasn’t all that unpleasant. It was also fairly quick. The only strange thing about it, was that afterwards, I had lots of pressure on my head. I felt like it was full of fluid. the doctor said, that in fact my head was actually full of fluid lol.
It was kind of like a head full of air, so I kind of felt like my head was floating away. Which to have your head floating without the rest of your body is well… it’s trippy.
I also joined Clubhouse yesterday. My initial thoughts are that wow there’s a lot of stuff on there. So much stuff, that no one should keep notifications on for any length of time. I tried that yesterday, and was inundated. I did this before I left for the doctor’s, and ended up turning my phone down while I was in the office.
When I got home someone called my number asking for mom. No, I don’t know why that happened. Then again, he said, “your name is on my phone,” and clearly it was my mom’s name.

This one’s late.

Woopsy! I was going to write it yesterday, but then I woke up with an extremely bad headache. I’m currently following jury selection in the George Floyd case. It’s also distracting me.
Honestly, I have no idea which way it should go as of yet. I think that it will probably result in a hung jury and/or a mistrial. I don’t see anyone coming to an agreement over this case. It’s possible that it’s because I’m not there, since I’m the case unwinder extraordinaire. Just kidding, although I think I’d be good at serving on a jury, I really don’t like confrontation!!
I’m good at unwinding and/or connecting things though. In other words, I can take one witness’s testimony, and connect it to testimony from 2-3 other witnesses, and do a decent job of figuring out what it all means. Part of this is because of the fact that I have an extremely vivid imagination, and if someone is describing something, or I’m reading a document, I can pretty much imagine it. This all depends on the amount of detail, of course.
Anyway I came here to write about jury selection. Well the process is actually kind of boring. Every potential juror is asked the same exact set of questions. What’s interesting however, is which prospective jurors each side decides they will keep and/or strike.

Starting something, and other things.

This is my first post in 100 Days to offload,
I’ll be writing 100 posts in a year. I’m pretty sure I can get to 100 or more, instead of the 365 I got to back in 2011. That was crazy!
I took a trip to the Chiropractor on Tuesday, in an effort to see if it would help my headaches. It has definitely done that!! I still have headaches on a daily basis, but they’re more manageable, instead of the extremely bad ones I’ve had over the past week and a half, they’re probably around 3-5. Extremely bad being around 7-9, not wanting to do absolutely anything.
My neurologist managed to get Botox approved for me! Yay for him!! I’m going to go get 31 injections to the head on the 18th. No, the Botox doesn’t go in my lips, it’s actually used to treat headaches these days.

Thoughts on the 35th challenger anniversary.

I didn’t learn about the space shuttle challenger explosion until 1999.I was 2 and a half when it took place. When I did innitially learn about it, I researched an entire book report on the subject. Of course I did a whole report on the book, but I did additional research as well.
I became interested in space flight the year before, when I watched the shuttle Discovery, carrying John Glenn, who was at the time 77 years old, into space.I believe on one of the evening talk shows, they had an interview with Christa McAuliffe’s mother, and that’s how I found out. The next day I asked a teacher what she knew about what happened. This was my sophomore English teacher. I got an answer that stays with me to this day. She became a teacher because of Christa McAuliffe.
Later in 1999, thanks to my itinerant vision teacher, I got to go to space camp. When I was in the simulated space station, the lady I remember her name was Patricia, who operated the station gave me some material. She told me to roll this rubber-like material into a ball. It was rubber, but it was also like clay, you could form it in your hand and do exactly that with it. Patricia, although I believe we called her Trish for short, and she was a girl friend of our team counselor, then told me this was the exact material that contributed to the Challenger disaster. Well first she asked if I remembered. I was thinking well yeah sort of, I only know now what happened after the fact. I said yes anyway, because by then, I did have a full working memory of what happened. When she told me that the exact material I was holding caused the challenger to explode, I remember thinking I should just get rid of it, but I didn’t and nicely gave it back to her anyway. No, I don’t remember what happened next, all I remember is that I just stood there for a second. It’s strange that after 22 years, I can still remember that.

He doesn’t charge for his services!

After yesterday, I owe God a huge debt!!! Fortunately, he doesn’t charge for his miraculous services, because I would never be able to repay!!!
I woke up yesterday thinking and believing that British magistrate judge Baraitser would rule against Julian Assange, and in favor of his extradition. I expected that, right up until she started accepting the defense’s arguments. She pretty much rejected every single one right up until the point she started accepting them. Of course, she didn’t accept them until the very end of the case, like the pull the parachute, it’s time to get out, the plane is crashing end!!
She rejected all the witnesses the defense presented about whether Assange was conducting journalism, and/or encouraging a source. She said she believed that he conspired with Chelsea Manning to help crack a password, hint” I don’t!! She said that publishing the unredacted diplomatic cables was wrong. It only happened after the Guardian published the entire password in a book. She said that the impact on his family would be “ordinary.”
Baraitser started to change course, when it came to the medical evidence. She accepted that Assange had an episodic depressive disorder. She accepted that he’s on the autism spectrum. She also accepted that he’s a suicide risk. This was the moment when I said well at least Baraitser listened to some of the defense’s case. She also accepted that the conditions here, and the measures he would be held under, known as special administrative measures, would likely make his condition worse, and he’d have a single focus on ways to commit suicide. Hyper-focus is a symptom of ASD.
In the end, Baraitser ruled that “I find it would be unjust to extradite MR. Assange.” I’m pretty sure my heart stopped beating for who knows how long? It was at least a few seconds. When I read it again just to make sure, I let out the loudest scream I thought I could possibly get away with at just shy of 3 A.M. OF course the crown prosecutors representing the US said they’re going to appeal. Tomorrow morning, Baraitser will hear a request for a bail application, from Assange’s defense.

Church today.

It was our last day of church today before we go into what hopefully will only be a 2 week quarantine, but will probably be longer. Unfortunately, our governor is crazy like that. I had a pretty bad headache, so I ended up not wearing a mask hah.
They ended up playing a really epic song, that I can’t find, the Pastor’s wife said she had trouble finding it as well. It isn’t anywhere on Youtube. I’m not sure why, because Bethel puts most everything they do up there. I’m not even sure what the song is called. The refrain goes like this: “I’m weightless, the only gravity here is your presence.”

Quarantine again.

My state is imposing new Covid restrictions starting next Wednesday. That probably means no more church again for me for a while, since our church has a couple hundred people, and we can’t have more than 50.
In other news, I’ve had headaches all week!! The really bad ones, that make me not want to do anything. Thus the lack of posts. I should’ve remembered that November is always a bad month for me for headaches. I’m sure it’s because we really don’t start to have cold weather here, until November. Maybe, it’s the time change, although I’m usually not effected by that at all.