Tomorrow morning!!

I’ll be submerged in the waters of baptism tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to reaffirming my faith, under my new name. It’s something I’ve felt I’ve needed to do for like 3 years now, but family was definitely going to be a major issue. Well turns out, my prayers have been answered, and with a decent amount of explanation, my parents have accepted the fact that I’m being rebaptized, and they’ll be there. My sister and her family will not, but it’s because they have kids, and unfortunately for them, Easter is about the stuff we used to think it was about when we were kids.
If anyone would like to watch the service, you can do so by going to my church’s Youtube channel, the link for which is right here. The service will start at 10:30 US Pacific daylight time, which is 1:30 Easter, 12:30 Central, and 11:30 Mountain time.

from Hope’s Notes.

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