/u/hopesthoughts on USA Today article- I am not my blindness, with the blind community wishes you knew

OK over the past week I've been dealing with the aftermath of having all my information, including location down to the rural area I live in, put up on someone's website. I'm in the process of slowly changing out accounts and eventually, you'll see a different me here. Anyway, the moral of the story is if someone starts being too curious, you might want to ask why. It started off innocently enough, in a completely unrelated forum thread. We were actually just talking about browser extensions. One thing led to another, and all of a sudden my entire internet history was up on this person's website. Obviously if someone comes up to me and starts asking me questions in person, I'm usually pretty cool about answering them. I'm going to be a lot less open to answering questions from random people online, though. Not that I did that before. Although if a commentor asked me something, and it wasn't overly personal, I'd probably answer. I'm most likely going to stop that practice, unless I have some knowledge of the person besides what I know of them from the comments they've left on various threads.

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