I’ll answer all the tech questions.

OK OK just kidding!! I will answer the basic one though. The extremely basic one that I get asked a whole bunch of times.
It goes something like this. How do you use a computer, smartphone, etc? I personally use something called a screen reader. A lot of people know about these, but you’d be surprised how many don’t. Put simply, a screen reader well… does just that, reads the screen out loud.
I use Windows with NVDA.
I also have an iPhone, which has VoiceOver built-in. If you look in the accessibility settings, you’ll find this. Don’t turn it on though, unless you already know how to turn it off. I’m old-fashion, though. I rarely use my phone for anything other than texting and calls. When I do, it’s usually because my internet is disconnected.
This Reddit post most likely does a better job of explaining things.

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