Let’s talk about semantics.

I’ll answer a question first, then we can talk about words. A lot of people ask me the following question, “do you watch TV?”
The short answer is that I listen. However, here’s where the semantics come in. This bothers people sometimes too. I say “watch.” Although I had an advantage when I was little, because I could watch the Olympics even after mom told me to go to bed, while she was still up and watching them. I wasn’t breaking any of mom’s rules. I could’ve been asleep for all she knew. However, I wasn’t.
Something else that really bothers people is that I also say “look,” or “see.” This drives people crazy! In fact, my Grandma told me a story once.
My Aunt and Uncle from Maine were here visiting, and every summer, we have one of those Graffiti festivals. This was after I first moved out of my parent’s house. My Grandma asked my Aunt and perhaps my mom, this was like 15 years ago now, if I was going to go down and watch the parade.
Apparently my aunt got all uptight about that. My Grandma was like What why? she says that all the time. I wasn’t there, this was before the parade thing actually took place.

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