/u/hopesthoughts on Throttling the Truth: Why the Case of Julian Assange Is More Important Than Ever

In order to talk about the case, I should correct the timeline first. It was actually June 19th, 2012 when Julian Assange went into the Ecuadorian embassy. I've been following Assange's case for 11 years. I've followed all of the hearings in London via live tweet, as they happened. No I don't live there. I'm in the western US. During the substantive portion of the extradition hearing last year, that was nearly a month long, we were extremely close to being evacuated from the area because of wildfires. All this to say that there are a handful of mostly european and australian reporters who are there every time live tweeting the hearings, and writing about them afterwards. There are a couple exceptions to that rule. One of them is Kevin Gosztola. https://thedissenter.org/ https://twitter.com/kgosztola

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