I had Botox yesterday.

It wasn’t all that unpleasant. It was also fairly quick. The only strange thing about it, was that afterwards, I had lots of pressure on my head. I felt like it was full of fluid. the doctor said, that in fact my head was actually full of fluid lol.
It was kind of like a head full of air, so I kind of felt like my head was floating away. Which to have your head floating without the rest of your body is well… it’s trippy.
I also joined Clubhouse yesterday. My initial thoughts are that wow there’s a lot of stuff on there. So much stuff, that no one should keep notifications on for any length of time. I tried that yesterday, and was inundated. I did this before I left for the doctor’s, and ended up turning my phone down while I was in the office.
When I got home someone called my number asking for mom. No, I don’t know why that happened. Then again, he said, “your name is on my phone,” and clearly it was my mom’s name.

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