This one’s late.

Woopsy! I was going to write it yesterday, but then I woke up with an extremely bad headache. I’m currently following jury selection in the George Floyd case. It’s also distracting me.
Honestly, I have no idea which way it should go as of yet. I think that it will probably result in a hung jury and/or a mistrial. I don’t see anyone coming to an agreement over this case. It’s possible that it’s because I’m not there, since I’m the case unwinder extraordinaire. Just kidding, although I think I’d be good at serving on a jury, I really don’t like confrontation!!
I’m good at unwinding and/or connecting things though. In other words, I can take one witness’s testimony, and connect it to testimony from 2-3 other witnesses, and do a decent job of figuring out what it all means. Part of this is because of the fact that I have an extremely vivid imagination, and if someone is describing something, or I’m reading a document, I can pretty much imagine it. This all depends on the amount of detail, of course.
Anyway I came here to write about jury selection. Well the process is actually kind of boring. Every potential juror is asked the same exact set of questions. What’s interesting however, is which prospective jurors each side decides they will keep and/or strike.

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