Starting something, and other things.

This is my first post in 100 Days to offload,
I’ll be writing 100 posts in a year. I’m pretty sure I can get to 100 or more, instead of the 365 I got to back in 2011. That was crazy!
I took a trip to the Chiropractor on Tuesday, in an effort to see if it would help my headaches. It has definitely done that!! I still have headaches on a daily basis, but they’re more manageable, instead of the extremely bad ones I’ve had over the past week and a half, they’re probably around 3-5. Extremely bad being around 7-9, not wanting to do absolutely anything.
My neurologist managed to get Botox approved for me! Yay for him!! I’m going to go get 31 injections to the head on the 18th. No, the Botox doesn’t go in my lips, it’s actually used to treat headaches these days.

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