Baby gifts.

I ordered my sister’s baby gifts today. Her shower is next weekend. It’s definitely much different than last time. Last time they actually had it at a venue, this time it’s going to be at my sister’s house. Last time a few friends who worked with my sister planned it for her. This time, she’s planning it herself, I think.
As for the gifts, I was completely lost as to what to get her. She did have a registry, but she had like 35 items on there. I just decided to pick a couple things off the registry that weren’t too expensive, but weren’t all that cheap either. No, I didn’t buy her the $149 swing that she registered for at target. Although I definitely thought about it.
On a completely unrelated note, my church opened last weekend! I got to go back to church for the first time in like 3 months! I recorded the worship service for Audiomo. It’s right here, for anyone who wants to listen. Warning, I sing in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My audiomo posts.

Most of my posts from Audiomo are ending up here on Anchor. Here’s the RSS feed. I think pretty much all of them, starting the end of last week, have ended up there.
Today, I talked about my trip to space camp, back in 1999. Here’s that post. Yesterday, I talked about church, driving, and other things. Here’s that one.
On day 6, I talked about birthdays. Strange considering I’m having one coming up, and my sister is expecting. Here’s the link to the day 6 post.
On day 5, I had fun registering 4 more domains. I still need to decide what I’m going to do about hosting these babies!! Lol OK, they aren’t real babies!! Here’s the day 5 episode.

Today and yesterday’s Audiomo

OK OK so I didn’t post yesterday’s Audiomo. I fully intend to fix that today, however. I lost my internet the night before and had to call Spectrum yesterday morning, so I talked about that during yesterday’s post. I also rant about mobile first VS. web first services, turns out I like web first services way, way better!! Yesterday’s post is right here.
In today’s post I answer 2 questions, “what outdoor activity would you like to try?” and “what indoor activity would you like to try?” I was trying to record this on my PC with Audacity, but it was giving me fits again and wouldn’t record for some reason. I decided to record it via the phone with Voice memos. Unfortunately, my location got given out at the end, and you get to hear which apps I have installed. Today’s post is on Dropbox, I put the Anchor app on my phone so hopefully we’ll have better recordings tomorrow. Here’s today’s post.

Audiomo day 2 talking about cases I’m following, testing Limor, and answering a question.

I decided to download a new app called Limor to see if it would work for my Audiomo recordings. Turns out it does work, but I can’t get them to play. I probably won’t be using that from now on.
In this post, I talk about 2 cases I’m following, one via Youtube, and one primarily via Twitter. I also answer the question, “what has the lock-down meant for you?”
Unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that I had my phone in my hand during this, there’s a whole lot of moving going on in the background. If you still want to listen, here’s a link to the post.

It begins.

Audiomo started today. I posted my first recording to Twitter earlier this morning. In case you want to listen, it’s right here.
For anyone who doesn’t know, Audiomo is a 30 day long audio posting challenge. You record something each day, and post it somewhere. The only requirement is that you share with Twitter via the #Audiomo hashtag, although apparently there’s a Mastodon account as well. There are absolutely no constraints as to what you can post about, the challenge is completely freeform. As for me, I’ve made a list of topics and succeeded in getting to 16.
For anyone who understands the concept of microcasts, Audiomo is basically that. Although it definitely isn’t limited to just talking. This is my 6th time participating, and there’ve been a lot of soundscapes and music over the years, including some of my recordings from my trip last year.