Happy New Year!

Well yay for New years Eve, but blah that CCC is over!!! There were quite a few interesting lectures this year, and I know I plan to post at least a couple on techliberty.net.
Unfortunately, day 4 is the worst because it really doesn’t last all day. It was worse for me this year because I didn’t sleep the night before, and I was having issues with the CCC streams that morning. It would be nice if we could have a day 5 next year, not that it will actually happen!!!

Merry Christmas!

First, I’d like to say Merry Christmas to anyone who reads this here blog! I’m not sure if I’ll have time to post tomorrow. Most likely not, because of the way things usually go.
Secondly, if I have to explain CET time again, I just might keel over and die. To avoid that outcome, I wrote an explainer. OK, here it goes. In order to explain CET, I needed to talk about UTC, just a warning.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_European_Time What we first have to discuss is UTC time offsets. UTC is the universal time standard. You start with UTC 0:00 which is Greenwich Mean Time.
You should know that on standard time Pacific time is UTC-8. When DST occurs, it’s UTC-7. Eastern time is UTC-5, and so is US Central time.
Right now, Berlin,and Leipzig, (where CCC, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_Communication_Congress, is taking place,) are also on CET standard, which makes that UTC+1. That’s 9 hours ahead of Pacific. Here’s a for instance: Let’s say it’s 2:00 A.M here. It’s 11:00 in the morning CET.
The CET simulation works mostly the same. I’m going to bed at 7:00 here so I can get up at 11:00 there. It’s sort of like preparing for a trip without going anywhere. Yep, it definitely takes some adjusting, this is partly why I started on the 19th. The other reason is when following international legal cases, they tend to be in the same timeframe. the UK is on GMT, but they start their hearings at 10:00 A.M there which is 2:00 A.M here.

The Amazon order of epic proportions!

In preparation for CCC, I placed a big Amazon Order Thursday. I don’t think we’re taking our little day trip until sometime later next year. I did it on Thursday because I wanted everything to arrive on time.
Amazon shipping is strange. They never ship everything together. I’m supposed to be getting like 5 or 6 different packages, 2 of them shipping via USPS, and the rest arriving via UPS. One item won’t be arriving until the 19th or 20th, because it wasn’t prime eligible.
I really did try to find prime eligible items, though. Everything but one of the items was. I didn’t want to pay a lot for expedited shipping!!

Thursday 13.

Yeah. I skipped 10 Things Tuesday. I completely forgot about it. That is until after my head hit the pillow of course, then I remembered, and I wasn’t wanting to jump out of bed and write a post.
I haven’t done a Thursday 13 in a while, so I’m going to attempt one 10 Things Tuesday style. Not sure if I can come up with 13 things, but here it goes!

  1. Thanksgiving went well overall. Mom asked me what was with the whole “changing my name to Hope” thing. They now live across the street from my assistant pastor and his wife, blah! Apparently, the assistant pastor’s wife told mom that I go by Hope at church, which I do. Needless to say, she’s getting a lecture Sunday.
  2. I was sick last weekend, I started feeling sick the day after Thanksgiving, and I still have some congestion.
  3. Laurie and I were going to put up my tree today, unfortunately we didn’t have time.
  4. Apparently I got some bad salami when I ordered groceries yesterday. I ordered a meat and cheese tray for me to have throughout the week, but one package was bad. I told Laurie I wasn’t sure what the return policy was for Instacart, actually I don’t think they have one. Last year, they gave me chicken instead of turkey breast, and I had to keep it. Anyway, apparently the meat was discolored, so Laurie is taking it back to Safeway, and they’re giving me a new one.
  5. I’d like someone to pay for a year of cable service for me for Christmas.
  6. I have done absolutely 0 Christmas Shopping! I’m hoping to get away with it. We went shopping on Tuesday, because I needed TP and things, but I didn’t buy any gifts.
  7. I can’t wait for my day trip on the 20th. I’m pretty sure Laurie and I have decided we’re going, whether or not her client is going with us. Her client’s son will probably be home around that time, and he might want to take her.
  8. If there isn’t a doctor’s appointment involved, we won’t have to hurry when we’re doing all the pre-CCC shopping.
  9. I would also like a new-ish phone for Christmas. I was looking at an iPhone 8, which is 2 years old. Definitely newer than the phone I have now, which is 5 years old
  10. I’m planning on having lots of Chinese food delivered the day after Christmas.
  11. I need plenty of leftovers to last me through CCC, afterall.
  12. I suppose I should make a wishlist, and put it on this here blog. Not that anyone would ever get me anything, but it’s always fun to look at those.
  13. I’m tired, I think I’ll go to bed soon.