Recent events.

Well I was going to title this thoughts on recent events, but I’m in the middle of a penalty phase. First of all, between impeachment, (yeah I did watch most of that,) the state of the union this week, (yeah I thought it was epic!) Oh yeah, and I’ve had quite a few headaches as well.
I haven’t been sick or anything, just had headaches. All this to say that these are reasons, ( and yeah excuses,) as to why I haven’t been blogging.
I’d like to blog more and tweet less. This won’t happen right away, I mean the tweeting less part. Julian Assange has hearings coming up this month. I’d at least like to start blogging again. After the first week of Assange’s hearing, which starts the 24th, I’d like to turn this into a microblog, where I write things that I’d write on Twitter. These things will still be of a personal nature, I’m not going to start talking about politics all of a sudden.
If I want to do that, I’ll get a new domain. I’ve thought about doing that at some point. Ya know, just my thoughts on what’s going on, from my libertarian perspective. I might also write about some of the trials I follow on Youtube. These are interesting, and fun to follow, well for me anyway.