Update on the whole summer of my discontent.

Lol otherwise known as the caregiver situation. I heard someone say that on a podcast recently, and I thought it was hilarious. Especially because it was regarding a legal case being delayed for 4 months. My thoughts on a 2 year old case that just came to my attention at the end of last month have really nothing to do with anything in this post.
What is related however, is that I have a new caregiver!! Her name is Deb, and she’s my friend Melissa’s mom. Melissa used to be my caregiver, up until she took a private job last year. She just started here last week. We ended up doing a whole lot of organization, because Deb and I are complete opposites when it comes to that lol. I’m normally extremely disorganized, and her and Melissa are well as she said, OCD about organization. Trust me, i didn’t say it.
Tomorrow I need to have labs done, because last time they messed up my labs, and my endocrinologist wasn’t happy about that. I really hadn’t had someone here since the 30th, until last week though.

Communion links.

I had a really hard time getting these recordings off my phone! Dropbox has changed their interface, and made it not-so easy to use. I liked it when it was just a folder in Windows explorer. Unfortunately I ended up installing Google Drive, I’m not a Google person so I really didn’t want to expand their reach even more into my life. I really only use mail and Youtube, and that’s it. No, I don’t use Google search.
That being said, here are the links to the two recordings I made. The first one is me preparing my elements, because I wasn’t sure how much time I was going to have, so I wanted to be ready when my pastor was ready. The second one is the actual communion itself. Here’s the first one, and the second.
Yep, my location got read out twice, in both recordings. Needless to say, I’ll never use Voice memos again after this. I was simply trying to navigate to the stop button. That never happened to me with the last version.