He doesn’t charge for his services!

After yesterday, I owe God a huge debt!!! Fortunately, he doesn’t charge for his miraculous services, because I would never be able to repay!!!
I woke up yesterday thinking and believing that British magistrate judge Baraitser would rule against Julian Assange, and in favor of his extradition. I expected that, right up until she started accepting the defense’s arguments. She pretty much rejected every single one right up until the point she started accepting them. Of course, she didn’t accept them until the very end of the case, like the pull the parachute, it’s time to get out, the plane is crashing end!!
She rejected all the witnesses the defense presented about whether Assange was conducting journalism, and/or encouraging a source. She said she believed that he conspired with Chelsea Manning to help crack a password, hint” I don’t!! She said that publishing the unredacted diplomatic cables was wrong. It only happened after the Guardian published the entire password in a book. She said that the impact on his family would be “ordinary.”
Baraitser started to change course, when it came to the medical evidence. She accepted that Assange had an episodic depressive disorder. She accepted that he’s on the autism spectrum. She also accepted that he’s a suicide risk. This was the moment when I said well at least Baraitser listened to some of the defense’s case. She also accepted that the conditions here, and the measures he would be held under, known as special administrative measures, would likely make his condition worse, and he’d have a single focus on ways to commit suicide. Hyper-focus is a symptom of ASD.
In the end, Baraitser ruled that “I find it would be unjust to extradite MR. Assange.” I’m pretty sure my heart stopped beating for who knows how long? It was at least a few seconds. When I read it again just to make sure, I let out the loudest scream I thought I could possibly get away with at just shy of 3 A.M. OF course the crown prosecutors representing the US said they’re going to appeal. Tomorrow morning, Baraitser will hear a request for a bail application, from Assange’s defense.

Why I still blog.

I’ve been blogging for like 18 years now. Although I’ve had some intermittent breaks, I still continue to do it. In short I still blog, because I enjoy it. Yep, there are definitely other reasons.
I also blog, because I like to keep a record of what’s going on. Twitter is too ephemeral for that. When I downloaded my archive last time, I had to look at code to actually find tweets. I’m not a fan of Facebook. the only “social media” site I like, which I don’t consider social media, is Reddit. It’s more like a forum, with different message boards, than anything.
I had all my content going back to 2009, but when you get to importing it more than a few times, things happen. For instance the post dates might be off. This might be a day or 2 at first, but then as you keep doing this, it gets to be more. I decided when I got this domain last year, that I’d not import all the content. I think it’s important to start over once in a while.

It’s still not over yet.

Elections here in the US aren’t over, until the states certify all the results. There are many states that haven’t done that, and not only that, we haven’t hit the certification deadlines as of yet. On top of that, but in the presidential race, the electors have to vote. Yes, we still have the electoral college. This won’t happen until next month.
Even if the Libertarian candidate won, I wouldn’t want everyone in the media calling the election ahead of time. Our system gives us ways of declaring a winner that don’t depend on any sort of media. I think we should wait until all states certify all results, and the electors vote. In other words, we’ve done this before, about 20 years ago, and we have plenty of time left.

Before I fall asleep.

I thought I should post. I didn’t sleep that well last night. It was one of those things where I was tired before I hit the bed, and afterwards I wasn’t. The election results are still up in the air. We may not know for a while who wins.
I ended up getting a blazetv.com subscription for the election coverage. However, since I had to go to the community group meeting, I missed most of it. Good thing I only got a monthly subscription, and didn’t pay $69. It was $9.99.
I ordered myself some pizza before I left. Little Caesars is on Doordash now. They don’t deliver here, so I decided to get myself some. The pizza was pretty good. I ordered it around 4, because it said it was going to take 47-57 minutes, but it only took about a half hour to get here. We’ll see how things go tomorrow.

I almost forgot to post.

Yep, on day 2, hah!! Who knows how things are going to go from here? Tomorrow’s post will probably come later though because I have a community group meeting at 7:00.
Speaking of Tomorrow, it’s the day those of us who enjoy elections have been waiting for. For those who aren’t waiting for it, don’t worry it’s only one day, (hopefully it will only be a day or 2.) It’s kind of like Christmas, all that preparing for just a short time. The problem I have with Christmas is that it brings way, way too much drama in my family. Unlike the Christmas drama, and being lectured by my mom, I actually enjoy the electoral drama. It’s way more fun!!
Unfortunately I live in a vote by mail state. I’ve never stood in line at a polling place in my life. By the time I was able to vote in my first election vote by mail was already instituted.

The hearing of the decade has ended.

It ended on Thursday. I’ve just been trying to recover since then. Why is it the hearing of the decade? Because everyone who follows Wikileaks has been waiting for this for 10 years. In other words, we all knew it would happen eventually.
Recovery has been hard. Trying to readjust from something that took 4 weeks isn’t easy. I’m hoping my sleep schedule will get to a more American-like one eventually. Right now, it’s all over the place. Well it’s more like me going to sleep at 5 in the morning, waking up around 9, then going back to sleep around 3 in the afternoon, waking up around 9 at night. Yep, this is actually happening.
We expect the ruling January 4th of next year. If Judge baraitser doesn’t rule in favor of extradition, I’m not sure what my reaction will be. I can think of a million things I could possibly do. I could possibly cheer really loud, at 2 something in the morning, and wake the neighbors, I could start jumping up and down, and have the same effect. If she rules in favor of extradition, well there’s definitely going to be an appeal, and thousands of prayers will go unanswered.

Sliding into week 3.

Yeah, I’m still here. No, we didn’t have to leave. Our air quality is improving, although it’s done a number on my sinuses and headaches over the last week, which has made following hearings in the wee hours of the morning difficult, even though I’m fully adjusted timezone wise.
This was supposed to be the final week, however that will most likely not be the case. There have been way too many tech problems, and a Covid scare that caused a recess for 2 days.
On a completely unrelated note. Our church had an outdoor gathering this morning. I really wanted to go!! However, I woke up with an extremely bad, 10 out of 10, headache. . I felt fine yesterday, so I was definitely not happy!!
On a more related note, I spend last night catching up on indictments. I’ve finally figured out the stupid thing lol. We’re on indictment round 3, and superseding indictment round 2. I can’t believe it took me nearly 3 weeks to figure that one out hah!!

Here comes week 2.

I took the weekend to recover. Well actually I took about 3 days. The hearing was postponed Thursday over false Covid fears. I’m now ready for week 2!!
Let’s just hope I’m fireproof!! There are fires all around us, and we’re on be ready status for evacuation. We’ve been on this status since last week. Thanks to a lot of prayer, the fires have passed us over. Hopefully they’ll all be contained soon.
Last week the hearing was a combination of hilarity and disbelief. Hilarity because of the lack of technical competency of anyone in the courtroom. Disbelief because of all the ridiculousness that went on, and there was so much of it. The defense is limited to 30 minute direct examinations of witnesses. WTF? That’s something that would never happen here! The prosecution gets an hour for cross, and then the defense gets what seems to be about a half hour more for redirect.
Not only that but there was a lot of drama over superseding indictment round 3/4 Lol I’m not sure which one we’re on as of this point, including the original. The defense said they haven’t had time to gather evidence on this latest indictment change since it includes new allegations. Baraitser, (the judge, and Princess,) said who cares? She ruled that everything in superseding indictment round 3/4 would be allowed. After that the defense asked for a 4 month continuance so they could gather more evidence. Baraitser said no way, and we started calling witnesses. that was just the first day.
I’m retweeting those who live tweet everything during the hearing, as fast as I can. A lot of the times, I’m doing this with comment. If you want to follow that account, it’s right here.

Thoughts in the 3 hours before Julian Assange’s full extradition hearing.

This is the big hearing, the one that’s supposed to take 3-4 weeks. I’ve followed prior extradition hearings, since we had the ones related to the Swedish allegations, but those didn’t take near as long.
I’ve even gone ahead and rescheduled some Doctor appointments, well the doctor was going to be in a meeting anyway, so I just rescheduled it until after the hearing was definitely going to be over. This is the hearing that’s in the magistrate’s court, the one we’ll probably loos. Although I’m praying for that not to be the case, but the judge seems to have rulings written down days before she makes them.
I actually got to listen to one of the hearings via conference call once. Although even I had trouble hearing, I could hear Baraitser, (that’s the judge,) fine, but had a hard time hearing everyone else. Although I laughed when baraitser said that they seemed to have lost the prosecutor, because we couldn’t hear him anyway. I couldn’t laugh out loud though, because my phone wasn’t muted. Then I went to shift my phone into a different position, because my ear was going numb from nearly planting my phone inside of it for so long. When I did that, I knew voiceOver would say something as soon as my screen went dim. In fact it said, “screen dimmed.” We proceeded to get lectured by Baraitser for not muting our mics, woopsy!!! Then a couple people said “we can’t hear” and Baraitser got frustrated. I’m pretty sure that was the hearing that postponed the proceedings until September, although we didn’t know when at the time.
I forgot to write the conference call code down before I went to put it in, and the page was taken down after that. I never had access again. I think it was erroneously made public. Either that, or they didn’t realize it really wasn’t supposed to be made public until later.

A few recent things.

First of all, we have a baby update, my sister will be having a girl! Or at least that’s the going theory thus far.
Secondly, in a hearing last week, Julian Assange was denied bail. Since he has chronic lung issues, he’s at high risk for Covid-19, but the judge apparently didn’t see it that way.
Thirdly, I’m getting an UBi from the government. Well, I think I am, anyway. Um… I mean an extra UBi. we call that stimulous over here. I actually support UBIs, if they’re privately done, or if they were done by all 50 states. No, I don’t support federal basic income, but I’m in need of extra money right now, since I got sick last month. I ordered lots of cold meds, and used all of what I ordered.
Fourthly, since I’ve gotten over whatever I had that may or may not have been Covid-19, but was most likely a bronchial infection, I have no idea, I’m going to try to blog more this month. I’m not saying it will happen every day, but definitely more than usual.