Strange trip to Walmart.

I managed to get to Walmart today, and it was like 1984!! I hadn’t been to the store for at least 3 months now, it may have been around 4. No, I didn’t wear a mask, I tried to get Laurie to make one for me, but she never did.
Anyway, when we went into the store, you can only go certain ways down certain aisles, and certain ways up certain others. Although the people behind me were extremely close and not paying attention!! They didn’t have everything I wanted, so I’ll need to make a grocery order next week to get the few remaining things. I did end up with a decent amount of stuff though, especially because I needed some household and clothing items as well.
In a somewhat related note, we’re starting to open back up here in our state. Apparently, this is all supposed to start tomorrow. Laurie and I were wondering if that’s why Walmart was so crowded today.

Recent things.

I got my stimulus last week. Now I can pay all the bills I was deferring. Not only that, but I got my monthly check just about 3 days after. My stimulus came in on the 27th, and I got my direct deposit on the 1st. I didn’t realize I got everything until Friday.
Mom found out she has 2 more brain aneurysms last Thursday. She had 5 10 years ago, and one ruptured while she was out of town. She was on a hunting trip with my dad, so needless to say he had to drive to where he could get cell service. She was flown to Idaho for the surgery. She wants to see the same doctor that she saw back then.

Readathon prep and other things.

This weekend is Readathon weekend yay!! Yeah, I did get the two books I was going to get besides still not getting my stimulus, WTF???? I have another book on my Kindle for PC app from last summer waiting for me to read, so I should be good on books this time. I sent Laurie to the store to get extra snacks for the weekend, you never know what I might want or need, that I may not have.
Speaking of going to the store. I’m running into a problem with the whole no more than one person in the store at a time restriction. Personally, I think that whole thing is absolutely ridiculous!!! I really don’t need it for groceries, but I need to go get my prescriptions, since the state decided that I should, for some idiotic reason, have co-pays at the beginning of this year. Don’t ask me why they did that, however, they did it not anticipating everyone needing to be quarantined for an extended period of time. Laurie doesn’t want to take me to the store because she has to go in with me, and I don’t have a mask, I think she’s afraid she’ll get kicked out, or that we could get someone sick, even though none of us are showing symptoms, not that you have to be showing symptoms to be infected. Although I believe you do have to be to get the test here.

Two Anniversaries in one week.

First, 4/11, (Saturday,) was the first year anniversary of Julian Assange’s arrest. Yeah, it was strange that it happened on the day before Easter. The last one was today, it’s been 6 years after 4/16/2014. Otherwise known as the day Lavabit lost the case, or the day we couldn’t figure out how to make quiche, or the day my family told me we were going out to dinner an hour before it happened. To this day, that whole thing, of not telling someone (usually me,) something until the very last minute is called a 4/16.
In fact, one of those happened on Sunday. We were supposed to do absolutely nothing for easter. Turns out, we ended up at my Sister’s house, having dinner there. I had about 3 hours to plan for that one, but there are times where I end up having less time.

Are you sick of staying at home yet?

That’s what mom asked me when we were talking on the phone. I said no, I never get sick of it. I only go somewhere when I have to, or really want to, in the case of church.
We aren’t having church inside the sanctuary for right now, but we can still worship. In fact, I used to do this even before the quarantine. I get headaches a lot,the bad ones make me tired. Therefore I don’t usually want to do anything, or go anywhere, and yeah unfortunately that includes church.
My church streams it’s services, as a regular course of doing business. I’m able to participate when I’m not feeling well because of a headache. In the case of the last time we had church, I was sick, so didn’t go.
This Sunday will be interesting. Those of us who believe in Jesus’s death and resurrection are going to celebrate Easter. For the first time, we’re doing this without stepping inside a church building.

Communion links.

I had a really hard time getting these recordings off my phone! Dropbox has changed their interface, and made it not-so easy to use. I liked it when it was just a folder in Windows explorer. Unfortunately I ended up installing Google Drive, I’m not a Google person so I really didn’t want to expand their reach even more into my life. I really only use mail and Youtube, and that’s it. No, I don’t use Google search.
That being said, here are the links to the two recordings I made. The first one is me preparing my elements, because I wasn’t sure how much time I was going to have, so I wanted to be ready when my pastor was ready. The second one is the actual communion itself. Here’s the first one, and the second.
Yep, my location got read out twice, in both recordings. Needless to say, I’ll never use Voice memos again after this. I was simply trying to navigate to the stop button. That never happened to me with the last version.

Quick takes.

  1. My assistant pastor called me yesterday morning and told me that our pastor wanted us all to have crackers and grape juice ready for communion tomorrow morning. I was like um… well… I’m not going to make it to the store before then, I wasn’t planning to have groceries delivered until next week, but I did just that.
  2. I asked mom if she was planning on cooking an Easter ham. She said “they call it social distancing for a reason.” I told her she could do a no-contact delivery, and she just laughed, and said that was too much work.
  3. I think one of the things I want to do when I get my stimulus check, is invest in a premium WP theme I can use for all my blogs. Free themes are constantly nagging you to install recommended plugins, and upgrade to their premium option. I want to use whatever plugins I want to use without being told what the theme wants me to install, and I definitely don’t want to keep being nagged!!!
  4. I thought I’d record the communion part of tomorrow’s service, just for kicks. If it turns out OK, I’ll upload and/or link to it here.
  5. Tomorrow’s my niece’s 8th birthday, and my sister is doing… absolutely nothing!! She wanted to have close family and friends over, but for some reason, that’s out of the question. She’s pregnant, and is definitely high risk for Covid-19, but no one in our family is sick right now. I’ve been sick, but I’m over that, and it definitely wasn’t Covid-19.Mom said something about since I have a caregiver, and she goes to other people’s houses, etc. She actually only goes to one other person’s house, and she’s the person who got us sick to begin with, she’s also over her sickness. My mom and dad will be going over, mom said it was mainly to drop off gifts though.

A few recent things.

First of all, we have a baby update, my sister will be having a girl! Or at least that’s the going theory thus far.
Secondly, in a hearing last week, Julian Assange was denied bail. Since he has chronic lung issues, he’s at high risk for Covid-19, but the judge apparently didn’t see it that way.
Thirdly, I’m getting an UBi from the government. Well, I think I am, anyway. Um… I mean an extra UBi. we call that stimulous over here. I actually support UBIs, if they’re privately done, or if they were done by all 50 states. No, I don’t support federal basic income, but I’m in need of extra money right now, since I got sick last month. I ordered lots of cold meds, and used all of what I ordered.
Fourthly, since I’ve gotten over whatever I had that may or may not have been Covid-19, but was most likely a bronchial infection, I have no idea, I’m going to try to blog more this month. I’m not saying it will happen every day, but definitely more than usual.

Social distancing…

Is definitely underrated! I stayed home from church yesterday, so I could get over the remains of my sickness. Well, if our church has service next week, that will be something interesting, because everything’s shutting down here. I know they said they wanted to continue having services, but I’ll probably be one of the few there if they do.
My caregiver’s daughter’s school is also shut down. She’ll be coming to work with her for the foreseeable future. Not that she’s like in the 2nd grade or something, no she’s going on 16, but her mom lives in a not-so-nice area, and won’t leave her home alone. When I was talking to Laurie, she was at the store buying dog food, she has several dogs and a bird.
As for me, I’m thinking why all the panic? I’ve lived this way for years. Specifically when the state reduced my hours back in 2017, I had to learn to rely on deliveries for groceries, buy extra things when I’m able to get to the store etc.

Well yay!!

I’ve been sick over the last few days. I say yay because this is the perfect time. I don’t have anything major going on right now, besides not sleeping well from being sick.
Laurie was sick last week, and needless to say I got it from her. She kept telling me she didn’t want to get me sick, but I told her I hadn’t had a cold in a while, so it was definitely my turn. The last time I remember being sick was during that whole ridiculous housing authority disaster of 2018.
Unfortunately, it takes me about 2 weeks to get over anything. No, I’m not sure why that is.