Thoughts on the 35th challenger anniversary.

I didn’t learn about the space shuttle challenger explosion until 1999.I was 2 and a half when it took place. When I did innitially learn about it, I researched an entire book report on the subject. Of course I did a whole report on the book, but I did additional research as well.
I became interested in space flight the year before, when I watched the shuttle Discovery, carrying John Glenn, who was at the time 77 years old, into space.I believe on one of the evening talk shows, they had an interview with Christa McAuliffe’s mother, and that’s how I found out. The next day I asked a teacher what she knew about what happened. This was my sophomore English teacher. I got an answer that stays with me to this day. She became a teacher because of Christa McAuliffe.
Later in 1999, thanks to my itinerant vision teacher, I got to go to space camp. When I was in the simulated space station, the lady I remember her name was Patricia, who operated the station gave me some material. She told me to roll this rubber-like material into a ball. It was rubber, but it was also like clay, you could form it in your hand and do exactly that with it. Patricia, although I believe we called her Trish for short, and she was a girl friend of our team counselor, then told me this was the exact material that contributed to the Challenger disaster. Well first she asked if I remembered. I was thinking well yeah sort of, I only know now what happened after the fact. I said yes anyway, because by then, I did have a full working memory of what happened. When she told me that the exact material I was holding caused the challenger to explode, I remember thinking I should just get rid of it, but I didn’t and nicely gave it back to her anyway. No, I don’t remember what happened next, all I remember is that I just stood there for a second. It’s strange that after 22 years, I can still remember that.

Quarantine again.

My state is imposing new Covid restrictions starting next Wednesday. That probably means no more church again for me for a while, since our church has a couple hundred people, and we can’t have more than 50.
In other news, I’ve had headaches all week!! The really bad ones, that make me not want to do anything. Thus the lack of posts. I should’ve remembered that November is always a bad month for me for headaches. I’m sure it’s because we really don’t start to have cold weather here, until November. Maybe, it’s the time change, although I’m usually not effected by that at all.

Here comes week 2.

I took the weekend to recover. Well actually I took about 3 days. The hearing was postponed Thursday over false Covid fears. I’m now ready for week 2!!
Let’s just hope I’m fireproof!! There are fires all around us, and we’re on be ready status for evacuation. We’ve been on this status since last week. Thanks to a lot of prayer, the fires have passed us over. Hopefully they’ll all be contained soon.
Last week the hearing was a combination of hilarity and disbelief. Hilarity because of the lack of technical competency of anyone in the courtroom. Disbelief because of all the ridiculousness that went on, and there was so much of it. The defense is limited to 30 minute direct examinations of witnesses. WTF? That’s something that would never happen here! The prosecution gets an hour for cross, and then the defense gets what seems to be about a half hour more for redirect.
Not only that but there was a lot of drama over superseding indictment round 3/4 Lol I’m not sure which one we’re on as of this point, including the original. The defense said they haven’t had time to gather evidence on this latest indictment change since it includes new allegations. Baraitser, (the judge, and Princess,) said who cares? She ruled that everything in superseding indictment round 3/4 would be allowed. After that the defense asked for a 4 month continuance so they could gather more evidence. Baraitser said no way, and we started calling witnesses. that was just the first day.
I’m retweeting those who live tweet everything during the hearing, as fast as I can. A lot of the times, I’m doing this with comment. If you want to follow that account, it’s right here.

Startup #2 is out of beta!!

In other words, my sister had her baby today!! Miah was born at around 5:00 this morning, after my sister checked herself into the hospital around 4;30. She was 6 Pounds, 6 ounces, and 19.5 inches.
I told my sister yesterday that I was cutting my hair for her, so that she’d go into labor. No, haircuts don’t usually bring on labor, but I was going to wait to do it after the baby was born. I decided instead to do it yesterday, hoping she’d go into labor either last night or sometime today.
My sister’s husband is with her at the hospital. Unfortunately no one else can go visit her there because Covid. She said earlier today that she thinks she’ll be released tomorrow though.

Here’s a thing.

right here. Blah, I totally messed up the domain pointing on that thing!!!! I really do like, but it insists on using a www redirect. Or my registrar insists that it insists on using a www redirect. I’m not exactly sure which is the case at this point.
I’ve always wanted somewhere to just write something quick, and sure WP will do that. However, opening up WP seems like a lot for just writing maybe 2 tweets worth of content. Whereas I have people I’m following on who talk about cool stuff, including RSS a lot, so I’m probably going to be there anyway.
Eventually, when I get the hang of the microblogging thing without using Twitter, I’ll let post them back to Twitter. I’ll probably make a whole lot of people on Twitter mad when I do that. It’s really no different than going to a Mastodon instance and seeing ridiculous amounts of actual tweets and retweets.

Yesterday was interesting.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. I never posted about this here, but I talked about it during Audiomo. My caregiver went into self quarantine last week.
A friend from church took me to the appointment and brought me back. I’ve never been in the exam room by myself before. I usually have a caregiver with me, or heaven for bid my mom. Not saying having mom with me is bad or anything, but when you’re about to turn 37 and your mom has to take you to a doctor’s appointment, and get involved in your personal business, it’s really annoying.
I actually got there early, so I had to wait. When I was in the exam room, I was like hmm what do I say to this person when she comes in? it was strange because she was wearing a mask and I wasn’t. Turns out, everyone in our state has to wear masks indoors now. Thankfully I’m not going anywhere soon!
After the appointment was done, I went to get labs. We waited for what seemed like a half hour for them just to take a 2 minute blood test. I do have an appointment with my endocrinologist tomorrow, but he’s calling me. They called a couple hours ago and asked if I wanted a telehealth appointment. I told them that clicking links in texts is kind of hard for me, because it is, and I really don’t need video, so they agreed to call just using the phone.

Baby gifts.

I ordered my sister’s baby gifts today. Her shower is next weekend. It’s definitely much different than last time. Last time they actually had it at a venue, this time it’s going to be at my sister’s house. Last time a few friends who worked with my sister planned it for her. This time, she’s planning it herself, I think.
As for the gifts, I was completely lost as to what to get her. She did have a registry, but she had like 35 items on there. I just decided to pick a couple things off the registry that weren’t too expensive, but weren’t all that cheap either. No, I didn’t buy her the $149 swing that she registered for at target. Although I definitely thought about it.
On a completely unrelated note, my church opened last weekend! I got to go back to church for the first time in like 3 months! I recorded the worship service for Audiomo. It’s right here, for anyone who wants to listen. Warning, I sing in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m in!

I’ll be starting Audiomo on Monday!! I decided I was going to do this whole thing just today, so I really haven’t made any plans on what to talk about or anything. The most fun way to do Audiomo is to wing it. Simply because there are no constraints.
In case you’re reading, and wondering what this whole Audiomo thing is, it’s a challenge that mostly takes place over on Twitter, via the #Audiomo hashtag. You can follow the search via RSS, in fact, here’s an RSS feed, of the search results from the hashtag.
I’m starting to think about ideas on what to talk about and/or record. Unfortunately recording a church worship service probably won’t be an option this year, unless you really want me to record a live stream.

Strange trip to Walmart.

I managed to get to Walmart today, and it was like 1984!! I hadn’t been to the store for at least 3 months now, it may have been around 4. No, I didn’t wear a mask, I tried to get Laurie to make one for me, but she never did.
Anyway, when we went into the store, you can only go certain ways down certain aisles, and certain ways up certain others. Although the people behind me were extremely close and not paying attention!! They didn’t have everything I wanted, so I’ll need to make a grocery order next week to get the few remaining things. I did end up with a decent amount of stuff though, especially because I needed some household and clothing items as well.
In a somewhat related note, we’re starting to open back up here in our state. Apparently, this is all supposed to start tomorrow. Laurie and I were wondering if that’s why Walmart was so crowded today.

Recent things.

I got my stimulus last week. Now I can pay all the bills I was deferring. Not only that, but I got my monthly check just about 3 days after. My stimulus came in on the 27th, and I got my direct deposit on the 1st. I didn’t realize I got everything until Friday.
Mom found out she has 2 more brain aneurysms last Thursday. She had 5 10 years ago, and one ruptured while she was out of town. She was on a hunting trip with my dad, so needless to say he had to drive to where he could get cell service. She was flown to Idaho for the surgery. She wants to see the same doctor that she saw back then.