He doesn’t charge for his services!

After yesterday, I owe God a huge debt!!! Fortunately, he doesn’t charge for his miraculous services, because I would never be able to repay!!!
I woke up yesterday thinking and believing that British magistrate judge Baraitser would rule against Julian Assange, and in favor of his extradition. I expected that, right up until she started accepting the defense’s arguments. She pretty much rejected every single one right up until the point she started accepting them. Of course, she didn’t accept them until the very end of the case, like the pull the parachute, it’s time to get out, the plane is crashing end!!
She rejected all the witnesses the defense presented about whether Assange was conducting journalism, and/or encouraging a source. She said she believed that he conspired with Chelsea Manning to help crack a password, hint” I don’t!! She said that publishing the unredacted diplomatic cables was wrong. It only happened after the Guardian published the entire password in a book. She said that the impact on his family would be “ordinary.”
Baraitser started to change course, when it came to the medical evidence. She accepted that Assange had an episodic depressive disorder. She accepted that he’s on the autism spectrum. She also accepted that he’s a suicide risk. This was the moment when I said well at least Baraitser listened to some of the defense’s case. She also accepted that the conditions here, and the measures he would be held under, known as special administrative measures, would likely make his condition worse, and he’d have a single focus on ways to commit suicide. Hyper-focus is a symptom of ASD.
In the end, Baraitser ruled that “I find it would be unjust to extradite MR. Assange.” I’m pretty sure my heart stopped beating for who knows how long? It was at least a few seconds. When I read it again just to make sure, I let out the loudest scream I thought I could possibly get away with at just shy of 3 A.M. OF course the crown prosecutors representing the US said they’re going to appeal. Tomorrow morning, Baraitser will hear a request for a bail application, from Assange’s defense.

Are you sick of staying at home yet?

That’s what mom asked me when we were talking on the phone. I said no, I never get sick of it. I only go somewhere when I have to, or really want to, in the case of church.
We aren’t having church inside the sanctuary for right now, but we can still worship. In fact, I used to do this even before the quarantine. I get headaches a lot,the bad ones make me tired. Therefore I don’t usually want to do anything, or go anywhere, and yeah unfortunately that includes church.
My church streams it’s services, as a regular course of doing business. I’m able to participate when I’m not feeling well because of a headache. In the case of the last time we had church, I was sick, so didn’t go.
This Sunday will be interesting. Those of us who believe in Jesus’s death and resurrection are going to celebrate Easter. For the first time, we’re doing this without stepping inside a church building.