First 3 audiomo links.

I was going to do this yesterday, but thought I’d wait a day and link to 3 of my posts instead of just 2.
Here’s the first one. This one is just a short one, I recorded it from the balcony, it’s basically an intro.
Here’s the second one. I ask about streaming services, and talk about one of the legal cases I’m following, in this one.
Here’s the third one. In this one, I explain another case I’m following, although it takes me way longer. I definitely get into other issues in this one though.

Audiomo is coming.

Audiomo is starting June 1st, and I’ll be participating. I plan to use Pinecast, so if it has a way to share things here I’ll do that, otherwise I’ll just link to them every so often. What I actually want is an RSS widget that will go on the blog, not in the regular posts, so that my posts can still be here, but the Audiomo posts get shared via RSS too. Maybe I’ll just use an RSS plugin for the month to share the posts, then again maybe I won’t.
I got absolutely trolled on Twitter today. Some idiot said participating in Audiomo is satanic, because it has nothing to do with Christianity. This person follows politics, and tweets conservative headlines constantly. they also said Trump is Jesus, oh and since I don’t understand metaphors, I can’t distinguish from what’s satanic and Godly. What??? The thing is when I blocked him, 4 other accounts started harassing me. oK not all at once. I had to block one, then another. It was absolutely crazy!!

Epic in their own right.

Today was our worship leader’s last Sunday. She was offered a job in Kansas city. I was having a conversation with the person who brought me to church this morning, and I told them that I thought the new guy, who’s going to be taking over next Sunday, is quite epic.
I also thought our outgoing worship leader was epic in her own way. She has one of those female singing voices that when you hear it makes you say I wish I could sing like that. Unfortunately although I enjoy singing, I’ve been told I’m not all that great at it.
We went over some of the past worship leaders we’ve had. I’ve been attending since 2007, although I did leave for a while. I think they’re all epic in their own right. they all sound different, and they all do things differently.

Stuff happened this week.

I’ve had lots of headaches this week unfortunately. The stuff that I’ll be talking about happened mostly on Tuesday.
My internet went down Tuesday, like really went down. So much so, that anything I did, I couldn’t get it back up. I ended up having to call my ISP, and have them come out here. This was very strange, because it was just installed the week before that.
They eventually did get it fixed, but not before coming out here 3 different times. they sent someone out here to open up the case where the fiber is. When they came back, they said it was all fixed! I did have to bypass my router again, I just got it like 3-4 weeks ago, and it’s defective already??? After I plugged the modem into my computer, I had internet.

I’m getting fiber!!

At the end of 2019, I called a local ISP to see if they offered fiber internet in my area. I had gotten a mailer that said they offered fiber phone here, but I wasn’t sure about their internet.
My sister uses their internet at her house, she’s too far out of the city limits to get anything else. She also works from home, so she needs good, reliable, fast internet.
They told me that yes, they were offering fiber internet here. They also said they’d have to run the fiber, and get back to me. They thought that would be finished by the Summer. Well we all know what happened with 2020!!!
Not only that, but I live in an apartment complex. I’m sure that telling the property manager, and the building owner, both of which are separate entities. Hey, ya know, someone would like our services in your building, and asking permission to run fiber here wasn’t all that easy.
Fast forward about a year and 4 months. I got a call today from a number that I didn’t instantly recognize, but I could tell by the prefix that this was not a cell phone number, and that it was a local business number. No, not just by the area code. We have certain prefixes that are designated for businesses here.
When she explained who it was, and why she was calling, I about jumped from the chair. I told her it’s been a long time coming. She scheduled my installation for next Wednesday, the fifth.

First thing’s first.

The opening survey, that is.
This will be part of my 100DaysToOffload timeline, so that I don’t get further behind.
1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? Oregon, US.
2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? Probably the Witness wore Red, but I’m looking forward to all of them equally, that’s why I got them.
3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? The Gummy bears I ordered Yesterday, just for this.
4) Tell us a little something about yourself! I follow legal cases in my spare time. I was actually going to try to find more books on cases, but I like non-fiction, so I didn’t take the time to do that this time.
5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to? It’s definitely not my first one. However, I believe my last one was in 2019, and if I’m correct, this would be like my 6th.
OK I’ll try to get back here every 3-4 hours, but I make no promises.

Yesterday was verdict day.

Yep, yep it was. I thought it was going to end up in a mistrial at least 2-3 times before this. Somehow, we avoided all of that.
I also thought the jury would eventually deadlock, causing a mistrial. The jury was sequestered during deliberations, and sequestered juries usually like to leave at some point, so that really didn’t happen. I did however expect that if a verdict was going to be delivered, it was going to take a long time. This was a long-ish case. It wasn’t an extremely long one, there have been trials that have lasted for months, but the amount of evidence in the case was kind of a lot. Especially a lot of video evidence.
During deliberations, I have Twitter timelines open like LawCrimeNetwork, which will tweet and/or retweet someone if a verdict has come down. They have an account just for verdict announcements. I muted all other timelines in my client, and just kept that one on notification status, so if a tweet came from that one, it would make a sound. Low in behold, that was yesterday, around 12 something. When I heard that, I knew it was the one I was waiting for, and I wasn’t at my desk right away, I got here fairly quickly.

Recent happenings.

First closing arguments happen Monday in Chauvin. Wow, I can’t believe it’s over already. I guess I thought it was going to be much longer than that. Attorneys are horrible at estimating schedules, though.
Second, I finally got my wish!! I have a Miniflux instance now running! yay for that!! I’ve wanted one ever since the hosted one started archiving unread items every 60 days last year.
I switched Password managers. OK OK, this took some doing, because turns out I had like 5 different accounts in Lastpass. When I migrated over to Bitwarden, I deleted them all, and was just going to add one back. Not that I had 5 different Amazon accounts lol, I just added it 5 different times, with 5 different passwords.
I tried to change my email address on the account, and it failed. I think it was because I’d forgotten to enter my password, or maybe I entered the wrong one. I really can’t remember passwords!! I ended up calling Amazon Customer service, and they helped figure out that the old email was still associated with my account. It was then that I went through the process of changing it.