I got a pumpkin yesterday.

Me and Laurie went to WalMart yesterday. Of course we didn’t just go there to get a pumpkin. I went there to get other things too, obviously.
I wanted to get one so we could roast the seeds though. It’s been a long time since I’ve had pumpkin seeds! When I was a kid, my dad would have me extract all the pumpkin guts. I think this is how I learned not to be squeamish. This was even before I wanted to be a forensicist. I haven’t done the extraction in a long time, but I have a feeling it won’t take too long. Although I’m going to be separating the seeds.

Favorite things about Fall.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It definitely isn’t Summer, i have trouble handling the heat. It’s not as cold as Winter either. It’s just in between. Here are some of my favorite things about it.

  1. Cool fall mornings. I enjoy getting up early when it’s still cool outside. I live in an apartment that has decent insolation, but not the best. I can feel the air, so I get to enjoy it. I’m not one to go outside at 4 in the morning.
  2. Hot tea or coffee.
  3. New TV seasons.
  4. Lots of homemade soup!
  5. Fall baking.
  6. Thanksgiving.

My caregiver story.

At the end of August, my caregiver of nearly 7 years, (Melissa,) left. It wasn’t like we were on bad terms or anything. Nope, we’re still friends, and we still talk, although it’s mostly texting now. She had the opportunity to take a better paying job, and I basically said that she PROBABLY SHOULD go for it while she had the chance.
If anyone was reading my blog back in 2015, you’ll know that we had some legal issues with her former agency. She left then too, but ended up coming back. This was definitely not like that. That was forced, and this was like, “hey, I’m taking a better job so I’m going to be leaving, but I’ll help you find someone else.” Whereas last time it was like the agency was telling her she had to stop working for me, because of breach of contract.
She did definitely help me find someone else. I posted an ad on the registry site, and the first call I got was Laurie. the interview went extremely well, lol we just kept talking and talking about random things, yeah I did manage to ask questions hah. After that I decided to hire her. Melissa was nice enough to help with the training. I really do suck at that part lol.
This was definitely an answered prayer for me. I was hoping that it wasn’t going to go like it did in 2015, with me ending up in the hospital with panic attacks. Thank God it didn’t! We even got to go have lunch to celebrate like we did back then, although definitely not the same place, because it’s no more.

Questions I get asked a lot.

On my old WP blog, I did a Write31Days series of questions sighted people ask me. I decided to make a list of questions I get asked all too often. that way, hopefully you’ll read first before you ask.

  1. Do you dream? Of course, I don’t think anyone doesn’t dream. My dreams are rare though, and a lot more vivid. I dream in words, just like my thoughts.
  2. How do you watch TV? Well, this is one of those stupid semantics things. I listen, but I say “watch.” Before you get all offended because I’m blind and I say “watch,” it’s what everyone says, so it’s OK.
  3. What do you see? Or is it totally black? No, I can’t see anything, and no, it’s not totally black. Nothing means absolutely nothing. There’s nothing there.
  4. How do you use a computer, and/or cell phone? I use software that reads the screen out loud, called a screen reader. I learned to touch type when I was in like 1st and 2nd grade.
  5. all the weird ones. How do you take a shower? How do you wash your hands? please think for a second before you ask a question. I do those things the same as you, as long as you aren’t admiring yourself in the shower.

Yep, I skipped yesterday’s post.

There was a good reason for it. I had my annual recert yesterday for the housing authority. It went well, but things were crazy.
First, my new caregiver Laurie and I had a slightly different definition of “early” I guess. I definitely need to write more on why Melissa left, and how I found Laurie. It was actually quite a blessing! Anyway, she said she’d be coming early, and I thought she meant around 1 or so, not 1:45 for a 2:30 appointment, that neither of us were really sure how to get to.
OK, so I had to hurry through lunch, and we left. We sat in a road work line for over 10 minutes!!! I have no idea what’s wrong with my state’s department of transportation, (oh wait… they’re run by the state,) never mind, I do know what’s wrong! Why the flip are they still doing road construction into October? come on, get your crap together!!!
We got there late. Thankfully, I’m still not sure how late. Laurie was freaking out, and if I would’ve known I probably would’ve been too, given everything that happened last year, with my hearing etc. We didn’t have to wait very long to go back though thankfully. However, we were there for almost an hour. The ridiculous program that the federal government makes the housing authority use crashes all the time and is extremely slow. Lol of course! The representative was in the middle of calculating my rent when the program just shut down. She ended up having to do it all over again. Turns out my rent went down $77, yay for that!!!
I needed to go to WalMart after we were done. Problem is Laurie had to pick up her daughter at 5. I wasn’t able to get everything I need, but we’ll be going back.
To make a long story short, I skipped yesterday’s post for Blogtober, because I had a headache and was tired when I got home. I ordered pizza, and it took nearly an hour and a half to get here. That’s the first time that’s ever happened.

Finally finished the case.

Over the summer I’ve taken to watching trials on Youtube. It’s sure an interesting way to follow cases. The most recent one, and the one you’ve probably heard about is the Dallas police officer shooting. I won’t go into all the case details here, because that would take forever.
There was a verdict in that particular case on Tuesday though, and I was still quite a bit behind. Unfortunately I saw the result via Twitter before I finished. That’s like seeing the result of a sporting event before you watch it. This drives me crazy during the Olympics, so much so that I do my best to stay off Twitter etc. I’m definitely not comparing someone’s death to a sporting event. Unfortunately that already happened last year. That was the case to decide it, though.
I’m glad the verdict was what it was, and I’ve finally caught up to the penalty phase. Unfortunately, there was a lot of proffering going on in this case. Basically, a lot of witnesses were testifying in front of the judge, then having to testify again in front of the jury. Sometimes those proffers would get long, and I’d fall asleep, only to find myself waking up a while later on a completely different witness. So yeah, I got behind on this one.

A few things about me.

I thought I’d posts this so people who stumble across the blog know some stuff about me. I’ll definitely make this into a WP page as well.
First of all, I’m a Christ-follower, who’s mission in life is to serve my Lord and Savior. I just happened to be born totally blind, but that has never stopped me from flying airplanes, driving cars,, skydiving, and bungee jumping. I identify as libertarian. For me, this means I’m also a free speech absolutist. I’m also a Wikileaks supporter, and have been since 2010. I’m extremely antisurveillance! I enjoy following legal cases in my spare time.
I’ll answer just about any question you throw at me, as long as we don’t get into discussing and/or debating ridiculous semantics. I also enjoy dancing, singing, and baking.

Making birds fly.

I’m participating in Blogtober this year, unfortunately it really doesn’t have an official host or website, it’s a Twitter thing mostly. This is my first post.
We have woodpeckers here at my apartment complex. They’re extremely loud and annoying! However, scaring them is a lot of fun! It makes them go away for about a half hour, so that’s a bonus. Another bonus is that I get to hear them flap their wings. I absolutely love that sound!
I probably look like a crazy person though, because I have to run outside pretty fast and yell. I can’t say I’m the only one though. I’ve heard the guy below me screaming at the birds too. They’re fun to scream at lol.
Last year when my sister was working here, I told her to bring a BB gun, so she could shoot at them. When she said she didn’t have one, I told her to bring her real gun. She then said “I don’t want to go to jail.” Those things are such a nuisance, she’d be doing us all a favor. Since she’s no longer here, I think I’ll stick to screaming at them. Besides, did I mention it’s fun?

Blogging again.

I decided to finally start blogging again. My old domain expired, so I registered a new one. I’m also starting over. I do have all my content going back to 2009. However, I think once in a while it’s good to start from scratch. I do have a smaller blog that I’ll be importing the content from. I’ve also decided to participate in Blogtober, because Write31Days is no more. If I can get through writing a post every day next month I’ll be pretty happy. If I can’t, well life happens. No, I don’t schedule posts in advance, I feel like that’s cheating.