I’m going to try the NABLOPOMO thing again.

I’m not sure if I’ll be very successful though. I was going to do Blogtober last month, but the Assange hearing ended on 10/1, and I had to recover from getting up at like 1 in the morning every day for a month. That took a couple weeks, then my sleep schedule had to readjust, Fun times!!
I ended up going to church today, we finally reopened!! Overall, everything went well. However the face shield I had didn’t have any padding on the front of the band part. This caused it to dig into my skin, and put pressure on the wrong place. Unfortunately, I had a pretty bad headache afterwards. I got a couple of these shields from a friend of mine. She works for a local charity here, and they were given to her by the health department. I’m going to order some different ones that come with padding.

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