Church today.

It was our last day of church today before we go into what hopefully will only be a 2 week quarantine, but will probably be longer. Unfortunately, our governor is crazy like that. I had a pretty bad headache, so I ended up not wearing a mask hah.
They ended up playing a really epic song, that I can’t find, the Pastor’s wife said she had trouble finding it as well. It isn’t anywhere on Youtube. I’m not sure why, because Bethel puts most everything they do up there. I’m not even sure what the song is called. The refrain goes like this: “I’m weightless, the only gravity here is your presence.”

Quarantine again.

My state is imposing new Covid restrictions starting next Wednesday. That probably means no more church again for me for a while, since our church has a couple hundred people, and we can’t have more than 50.
In other news, I’ve had headaches all week!! The really bad ones, that make me not want to do anything. Thus the lack of posts. I should’ve remembered that November is always a bad month for me for headaches. I’m sure it’s because we really don’t start to have cold weather here, until November. Maybe, it’s the time change, although I’m usually not effected by that at all.

Why I still blog.

I’ve been blogging for like 18 years now. Although I’ve had some intermittent breaks, I still continue to do it. In short I still blog, because I enjoy it. Yep, there are definitely other reasons.
I also blog, because I like to keep a record of what’s going on. Twitter is too ephemeral for that. When I downloaded my archive last time, I had to look at code to actually find tweets. I’m not a fan of Facebook. the only “social media” site I like, which I don’t consider social media, is Reddit. It’s more like a forum, with different message boards, than anything.
I had all my content going back to 2009, but when you get to importing it more than a few times, things happen. For instance the post dates might be off. This might be a day or 2 at first, but then as you keep doing this, it gets to be more. I decided when I got this domain last year, that I’d not import all the content. I think it’s important to start over once in a while.

I went to church today.

It went well. Unfortunately the mask I was wearing gave me a headache. Wearing anything on my head for more than a half hour gives me a headache, so that isn’t surprising. I did take it off to sing though, hah. The service went pretty well. Our Pastor talked about how following Jesus is an adventure.
At one point he said, “this election stuff isn’t all that cool.” My thought was, nope, I’d rather be skydiving every day, and flying airplanes, but it’s an expensive hobby, so I can’t. I really wish I could though, because that would be lots of fun!!

It’s still not over yet.

Elections here in the US aren’t over, until the states certify all the results. There are many states that haven’t done that, and not only that, we haven’t hit the certification deadlines as of yet. On top of that, but in the presidential race, the electors have to vote. Yes, we still have the electoral college. This won’t happen until next month.
Even if the Libertarian candidate won, I wouldn’t want everyone in the media calling the election ahead of time. Our system gives us ways of declaring a winner that don’t depend on any sort of media. I think we should wait until all states certify all results, and the electors vote. In other words, we’ve done this before, about 20 years ago, and we have plenty of time left.

Yeah I skipped a couple.

I’ve had pretty bad headaches over the past couple days, so I skipped the last couple posts. I think I’m going to try to make at least one up, the other one though, not so much. I usually don’t like to skip posts.
However, last night I was extremely tired, and had the headache on top of that. I must have went to bed at like 7 something, because I woke up around 1:20. I went back to sleep around 5 something, and my caregiver was texting me. She wanted to come really early this morning. I didn’t expect it to be that early.

Before I fall asleep.

I thought I should post. I didn’t sleep that well last night. It was one of those things where I was tired before I hit the bed, and afterwards I wasn’t. The election results are still up in the air. We may not know for a while who wins.
I ended up getting a subscription for the election coverage. However, since I had to go to the community group meeting, I missed most of it. Good thing I only got a monthly subscription, and didn’t pay $69. It was $9.99.
I ordered myself some pizza before I left. Little Caesars is on Doordash now. They don’t deliver here, so I decided to get myself some. The pizza was pretty good. I ordered it around 4, because it said it was going to take 47-57 minutes, but it only took about a half hour to get here. We’ll see how things go tomorrow.

I almost forgot to post.

Yep, on day 2, hah!! Who knows how things are going to go from here? Tomorrow’s post will probably come later though because I have a community group meeting at 7:00.
Speaking of Tomorrow, it’s the day those of us who enjoy elections have been waiting for. For those who aren’t waiting for it, don’t worry it’s only one day, (hopefully it will only be a day or 2.) It’s kind of like Christmas, all that preparing for just a short time. The problem I have with Christmas is that it brings way, way too much drama in my family. Unlike the Christmas drama, and being lectured by my mom, I actually enjoy the electoral drama. It’s way more fun!!
Unfortunately I live in a vote by mail state. I’ve never stood in line at a polling place in my life. By the time I was able to vote in my first election vote by mail was already instituted.

I’m going to try the NABLOPOMO thing again.

I’m not sure if I’ll be very successful though. I was going to do Blogtober last month, but the Assange hearing ended on 10/1, and I had to recover from getting up at like 1 in the morning every day for a month. That took a couple weeks, then my sleep schedule had to readjust, Fun times!!
I ended up going to church today, we finally reopened!! Overall, everything went well. However the face shield I had didn’t have any padding on the front of the band part. This caused it to dig into my skin, and put pressure on the wrong place. Unfortunately, I had a pretty bad headache afterwards. I got a couple of these shields from a friend of mine. She works for a local charity here, and they were given to her by the health department. I’m going to order some different ones that come with padding.