Here’s a thing.

right here. Blah, I totally messed up the domain pointing on that thing!!!! I really do like, but it insists on using a www redirect. Or my registrar insists that it insists on using a www redirect. I’m not exactly sure which is the case at this point.
I’ve always wanted somewhere to just write something quick, and sure WP will do that. However, opening up WP seems like a lot for just writing maybe 2 tweets worth of content. Whereas I have people I’m following on who talk about cool stuff, including RSS a lot, so I’m probably going to be there anyway.
Eventually, when I get the hang of the microblogging thing without using Twitter, I’ll let post them back to Twitter. I’ll probably make a whole lot of people on Twitter mad when I do that. It’s really no different than going to a Mastodon instance and seeing ridiculous amounts of actual tweets and retweets.

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