Baby gifts.

I ordered my sister’s baby gifts today. Her shower is next weekend. It’s definitely much different than last time. Last time they actually had it at a venue, this time it’s going to be at my sister’s house. Last time a few friends who worked with my sister planned it for her. This time, she’s planning it herself, I think.
As for the gifts, I was completely lost as to what to get her. She did have a registry, but she had like 35 items on there. I just decided to pick a couple things off the registry that weren’t too expensive, but weren’t all that cheap either. No, I didn’t buy her the $149 swing that she registered for at target. Although I definitely thought about it.
On a completely unrelated note, my church opened last weekend! I got to go back to church for the first time in like 3 months! I recorded the worship service for Audiomo. It’s right here, for anyone who wants to listen. Warning, I sing in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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