Today and yesterday’s Audiomo

OK OK so I didn’t post yesterday’s Audiomo. I fully intend to fix that today, however. I lost my internet the night before and had to call Spectrum yesterday morning, so I talked about that during yesterday’s post. I also rant about mobile first VS. web first services, turns out I like web first services way, way better!! Yesterday’s post is right here.
In today’s post I answer 2 questions, “what outdoor activity would you like to try?” and “what indoor activity would you like to try?” I was trying to record this on my PC with Audacity, but it was giving me fits again and wouldn’t record for some reason. I decided to record it via the phone with Voice memos. Unfortunately, my location got given out at the end, and you get to hear which apps I have installed. Today’s post is on Dropbox, I put the Anchor app on my phone so hopefully we’ll have better recordings tomorrow. Here’s today’s post.

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