I’m in!

I’ll be starting Audiomo on Monday!! I decided I was going to do this whole thing just today, so I really haven’t made any plans on what to talk about or anything. The most fun way to do Audiomo is to wing it. Simply because there are no constraints.
In case you’re reading, and wondering what this whole Audiomo thing is, it’s a challenge that mostly takes place over on Twitter, via the #Audiomo hashtag. You can follow the search via RSS, in fact, here’s an RSS feed, of the search results from the hashtag.
I’m starting to think about ideas on what to talk about and/or record. Unfortunately recording a church worship service probably won’t be an option this year, unless you really want me to record a live stream.

Strange trip to Walmart.

I managed to get to Walmart today, and it was like 1984!! I hadn’t been to the store for at least 3 months now, it may have been around 4. No, I didn’t wear a mask, I tried to get Laurie to make one for me, but she never did.
Anyway, when we went into the store, you can only go certain ways down certain aisles, and certain ways up certain others. Although the people behind me were extremely close and not paying attention!! They didn’t have everything I wanted, so I’ll need to make a grocery order next week to get the few remaining things. I did end up with a decent amount of stuff though, especially because I needed some household and clothing items as well.
In a somewhat related note, we’re starting to open back up here in our state. Apparently, this is all supposed to start tomorrow. Laurie and I were wondering if that’s why Walmart was so crowded today.

Recent things.

I got my stimulus last week. Now I can pay all the bills I was deferring. Not only that, but I got my monthly check just about 3 days after. My stimulus came in on the 27th, and I got my direct deposit on the 1st. I didn’t realize I got everything until Friday.
Mom found out she has 2 more brain aneurysms last Thursday. She had 5 10 years ago, and one ruptured while she was out of town. She was on a hunting trip with my dad, so needless to say he had to drive to where he could get cell service. She was flown to Idaho for the surgery. She wants to see the same doctor that she saw back then.