Readathon prep and other things.

This weekend is Readathon weekend yay!! Yeah, I did get the two books I was going to get besides still not getting my stimulus, WTF???? I have another book on my Kindle for PC app from last summer waiting for me to read, so I should be good on books this time. I sent Laurie to the store to get extra snacks for the weekend, you never know what I might want or need, that I may not have.
Speaking of going to the store. I’m running into a problem with the whole no more than one person in the store at a time restriction. Personally, I think that whole thing is absolutely ridiculous!!! I really don’t need it for groceries, but I need to go get my prescriptions, since the state decided that I should, for some idiotic reason, have co-pays at the beginning of this year. Don’t ask me why they did that, however, they did it not anticipating everyone needing to be quarantined for an extended period of time. Laurie doesn’t want to take me to the store because she has to go in with me, and I don’t have a mask, I think she’s afraid she’ll get kicked out, or that we could get someone sick, even though none of us are showing symptoms, not that you have to be showing symptoms to be infected. Although I believe you do have to be to get the test here.

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