Two Anniversaries in one week.

First, 4/11, (Saturday,) was the first year anniversary of Julian Assange’s arrest. Yeah, it was strange that it happened on the day before Easter. The last one was today, it’s been 6 years after 4/16/2014. Otherwise known as the day Lavabit lost the case, or the day we couldn’t figure out how to make quiche, or the day my family told me we were going out to dinner an hour before it happened. To this day, that whole thing, of not telling someone (usually me,) something until the very last minute is called a 4/16.
In fact, one of those happened on Sunday. We were supposed to do absolutely nothing for easter. Turns out, we ended up at my Sister’s house, having dinner there. I had about 3 hours to plan for that one, but there are times where I end up having less time.

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