Quick takes.

  1. My assistant pastor called me yesterday morning and told me that our pastor wanted us all to have crackers and grape juice ready for communion tomorrow morning. I was like um… well… I’m not going to make it to the store before then, I wasn’t planning to have groceries delivered until next week, but I did just that.
  2. I asked mom if she was planning on cooking an Easter ham. She said “they call it social distancing for a reason.” I told her she could do a no-contact delivery, and she just laughed, and said that was too much work.
  3. I think one of the things I want to do when I get my stimulus check, is invest in a premium WP theme I can use for all my blogs. Free themes are constantly nagging you to install recommended plugins, and upgrade to their premium option. I want to use whatever plugins I want to use without being told what the theme wants me to install, and I definitely don’t want to keep being nagged!!!
  4. I thought I’d record the communion part of tomorrow’s service, just for kicks. If it turns out OK, I’ll upload and/or link to it here.
  5. Tomorrow’s my niece’s 8th birthday, and my sister is doing… absolutely nothing!! She wanted to have close family and friends over, but for some reason, that’s out of the question. She’s pregnant, and is definitely high risk for Covid-19, but no one in our family is sick right now. I’ve been sick, but I’m over that, and it definitely wasn’t Covid-19.Mom said something about since I have a caregiver, and she goes to other people’s houses, etc. She actually only goes to one other person’s house, and she’s the person who got us sick to begin with, she’s also over her sickness. My mom and dad will be going over, mom said it was mainly to drop off gifts though.

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