A few recent things.

First of all, we have a baby update, my sister will be having a girl! Or at least that’s the going theory thus far.
Secondly, in a hearing last week, Julian Assange was denied bail. Since he has chronic lung issues, he’s at high risk for Covid-19, but the judge apparently didn’t see it that way.
Thirdly, I’m getting an UBi from the government. Well, I think I am, anyway. Um… I mean an extra UBi. we call that stimulous over here. I actually support UBIs, if they’re privately done, or if they were done by all 50 states. No, I don’t support federal basic income, but I’m in need of extra money right now, since I got sick last month. I ordered lots of cold meds, and used all of what I ordered.
Fourthly, since I’ve gotten over whatever I had that may or may not have been Covid-19, but was most likely a bronchial infection, I have no idea, I’m going to try to blog more this month. I’m not saying it will happen every day, but definitely more than usual.

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