I think I’m finally fully recovered.

Frim last week, that is. I got up at around 12 or 1 every morning except Friday. I was doing this to follow the Assange extradition hearings, that were taking place in London.
Problem is, I didn’t prepare for this in advance, like I do for CCC. Therefore, when the hearing was over Thursday,I was extremely tired! Not only that but I had one of those headaches you can only get from lack of sleep, or drinking too much lol. I still have the headache unfortunately. I think I’ll try to prepare for at least a week before next time.
Thing about next time, is that the hearings are going to last anywhere from 3-6 weeks. I don’t have any experience with extradition hearings going as long as that. The ones over the Swedish allegations back in 2011 only went about 4 days, if I’m remembering correctly.

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