Late night blog post.

I’m waiting up for a short administrative hearing in Julian Assange’s case, so I thought I’d drop by here and post. Unfortunately today I overslept for church. This was strange, because after the spate of bad headaches I’ve had recently, my sleep cycle has been all messed up. I did sleep some during the day yesterday, and ended up going to bed around 1 in the morning. I woke up around 5, only to fall back asleep again, and not get up until about 8:30.
Sure I could’ve gotten myself ready and off to church. However, I didn’t because when I failed to wake up early enough, I wasn’t able to put a Liter of water in the freezer like I usually do. Therefore, I’d be going to church without water, which is something I don’t like to do. I also didn’t think I had time to eat before I got ready. I mean I probably did, but I really didn’t want to hurry. I’ll be setting my alarm for 7 next time.

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