I’ve had headaches for about a week and a half now. Thus the lack of blog post. I wanted to try and do NABloPoMo, but it was impossible, considering I got hit with a bad headache on the first day of the month. I got into the vicious cycle of not wanting to be awake with a headache, so sleeping all day, then waking up and having the headache get better at night, so I could actually do things. That just causes more headaches from lack of sleep.
Last week, I tried taking Melatonin, it only made my headache worse. Unfortunately, I have to take a lot to get any substantive results, like 6 or 7 10 MG pills. I don’t take it all that often for that exact reason. I don’t want to end up with a bad headache the next day. I usually only take it if I absolutely know I’m going to need sleep that night, like I’m going somewhere and/or doing something the next day.

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