Yep, I skipped yesterday’s post.

There was a good reason for it. I had my annual recert yesterday for the housing authority. It went well, but things were crazy.
First, my new caregiver Laurie and I had a slightly different definition of “early” I guess. I definitely need to write more on why Melissa left, and how I found Laurie. It was actually quite a blessing! Anyway, she said she’d be coming early, and I thought she meant around 1 or so, not 1:45 for a 2:30 appointment, that neither of us were really sure how to get to.
OK, so I had to hurry through lunch, and we left. We sat in a road work line for over 10 minutes!!! I have no idea what’s wrong with my state’s department of transportation, (oh wait… they’re run by the state,) never mind, I do know what’s wrong! Why the flip are they still doing road construction into October? come on, get your crap together!!!
We got there late. Thankfully, I’m still not sure how late. Laurie was freaking out, and if I would’ve known I probably would’ve been too, given everything that happened last year, with my hearing etc. We didn’t have to wait very long to go back though thankfully. However, we were there for almost an hour. The ridiculous program that the federal government makes the housing authority use crashes all the time and is extremely slow. Lol of course! The representative was in the middle of calculating my rent when the program just shut down. She ended up having to do it all over again. Turns out my rent went down $77, yay for that!!!
I needed to go to WalMart after we were done. Problem is Laurie had to pick up her daughter at 5. I wasn’t able to get everything I need, but we’ll be going back.
To make a long story short, I skipped yesterday’s post for Blogtober, because I had a headache and was tired when I got home. I ordered pizza, and it took nearly an hour and a half to get here. That’s the first time that’s ever happened.

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