Finally finished the case.

Over the summer I’ve taken to watching trials on Youtube. It’s sure an interesting way to follow cases. The most recent one, and the one you’ve probably heard about is the Dallas police officer shooting. I won’t go into all the case details here, because that would take forever.
There was a verdict in that particular case on Tuesday though, and I was still quite a bit behind. Unfortunately I saw the result via Twitter before I finished. That’s like seeing the result of a sporting event before you watch it. This drives me crazy during the Olympics, so much so that I do my best to stay off Twitter etc. I’m definitely not comparing someone’s death to a sporting event. Unfortunately that already happened last year. That was the case to decide it, though.
I’m glad the verdict was what it was, and I’ve finally caught up to the penalty phase. Unfortunately, there was a lot of proffering going on in this case. Basically, a lot of witnesses were testifying in front of the judge, then having to testify again in front of the jury. Sometimes those proffers would get long, and I’d fall asleep, only to find myself waking up a while later on a completely different witness. So yeah, I got behind on this one.

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