A few things about me.

I thought I’d posts this so people who stumble across the blog know some stuff about me. I’ll definitely make this into a WP page as well.
First of all, I’m a Christ-follower, who’s mission in life is to serve my Lord and Savior. I just happened to be born totally blind, but that has never stopped me from flying airplanes, driving cars,, skydiving, and bungee jumping. I identify as libertarian. For me, this means I’m also a free speech absolutist. I’m also a Wikileaks supporter, and have been since 2010. I’m extremely antisurveillance! I enjoy following legal cases in my spare time.
I’ll answer just about any question you throw at me, as long as we don’t get into discussing and/or debating ridiculous semantics. I also enjoy dancing, singing, and baking.

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